About us
Avant-garde Distributors (U) Ltd is a distribution company aiming at operating in a number of sectors including transportation, renewable energy, power & engineering but currently its Flagship is the water sector that involves Irrigation, Solar water pumping, plumbing works/fittings and all water related installations, electric and engine water pumps, generators etc. The Company was established in 2009 as a limited liability company.  We hope to expand into other sectors as we grow.

Our most valued assets are our customers, employees and an integrated supply chain

We always nurture, encourage, support our employees and people in order to bring out the best in them and also achieve their full potential and goals in life. In the communities we operate, we always endeavour to make the local communities a part of what we do by involving the youth in our operations to create employment, equipping them with technical skills so that they can be able to repair, maintain and service some of the products we distribute in order to earn themselves a living  


We aspire to be the leaders/ahead of the majority in all that we do, to be innovative, always renewing ourselves and being positively different as opposed to what is usually accepted as the norm. We hope to achieve this through listening and caring about what our customer want.


To enable access to clean water through distribution of quality, affordable water systems and Irrigation products for domestic, agricultural and commercial applications in Uganda and East Africa.

Core values

Customer centeredness 
Hard work