Pumps for Hire/Rent
Spare Cylinder Head Gasket
Spare Cylinder head 160/170F
Adaptor 3" hdpe male trmk
Adaptor 1/2" hdpe female
King Nipple 2" Metallic
Straight Arrow Dripper
Rubber drip start tape/pipe,16mm
Elbow/bend connector drip 16mm, 1/2"
Thread tape small
Online Dripper
Micro tube (Soft pipe) drip ,1/8", 5mm
Hold-down Support Drip, 16mm
Bend Arrow Dripper
Adaptor for Micro tube, 1 branch drip
Adaptor for Micro tube , 5 branch drip
Adaptor for Micro tube , 4 branch drip
Adaptor for Micro tube , 2 branch drip
King Nipple Plastic 1/2" threaded x3/4" Hose, drip
Spare Sealing Gasket Deep Well
Thread tape medium
Tee 1/2" gi
Socket 1/2" gi
Rubber seal/O-ring for 3" coupling and impeller cover 3"
Rubber seal/O-ring for 2" coupling & Impeller cover 2"
Reducing bush 3/4*1/2" gi
Reducing bush 3/4"x1/2",pvc,threaded,plastic
End cap/plug 1/2" male threaded gi/pvc
Nipple 1/2" gi
Elbow 1/2" gi
back nut 3/4" GI
back nut 1/2" gi
End cap/Plug drip tape 16mm
End cap/Plug drip pipe 16mm
Clip 22-32mm,3/4" & 1"
Clip 13-19mm,1/2"
Drip pipe (Blank),16mm
Tee 3/4" gi
Spare starter/generator rope
Socket nipple 3/4" gi
Socket nipple 1/2" gi
Socket 3/4" gi
Socket 1/2" pvc,plastic,threaded
Reducing bush 1*3/4" gi
Nipple 3/4" gi
Nipple 1/2" pvc, plastic,threaded
Elbow 3/4" gi
pipe 1/2" hdpe black pn6
Drip tape,16mm,30cm spacing
Adaptor 1/2" bend/elbow male
End cap/plug 3/4" male threaded gi/pvc
End cap/plug 1" male threaded gi/pvc
union 1/2" gi
Tee 1" gi
Start connector with rubber,Drip TAPE,16mm
Start connector with rubber,Drip PIPE,16mm
Socket 3/4" pvc,plastic,threaded
Socket 1" gi
Rubber seal 11/2" camlock
Rubber seal 1" camlock