Solar Pump 100m,24V,Outlet 3/4".Rated 270W, recomend 330W(2)
Generator(Petrol) Rated 5000W,Max 5500W.Max Pump HP; 3hp
Engine pump 3" Koshin Honda japan
Solar Pump 50m,24V,Outlet 3/4".Rated 140W, recomend 330W(1) or 280W(2)
Solar Pump 30m,24V,Outlet 3/4".Rated 80W, recomend 280W(1)
Engine pump 2" Koshin Honda japan
Deep well submersible motor 4" 2.2kw,3hp,Single phase
Engine pump 3" Koshin black
Solar Pump Controller, 90-110v or 60-108VDC
Pump end/head only,158m,6m^3/hr,stainless steel impellers
Solar Motor ONLY 0.2HP(24-36vdc),24V,3"
Solar Pump Controller WITH battery charging ,48-72VDC
Deep well pump 4" 161m
Shallow/hand dug well,Max depth.88m,1.5kw
Engine pump 2" AVANT diesel
Engine pump 4"
Engine pump 2" koshin black
Generator(Petrol) Rated 3300W,Max 3500W.Max Pump HP; 2hp
Solar Pump Controller WITH battery charging ,24-36VDC
Solar Pump Controller ,48-72VDC